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ISP messed up transfer. I cancelled. they refunded too much and now want it back

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edited 29 December 2015 at 4:09PM in Phones & TV
So in a nutshell

I was with sky and transferred to company x.

Company x messed up the transfer royally and completely left me in the dark with no contact to tellme it was all being bungled. As a result they then told me after weeks of mobile phone calls and being on hold for hours that they could not provide a broadband service only a landline.

I told them it had been shambolic and demanded to cancel and have my paid upfront line rental charges refunded...

They agreed and I approached sky again to attempt to return but as X had closed my original line with no ability seemingly to instate a new service Sky then told me I would need to have a new engineer appointment to set up a new line and pay a further fee.

I explained to Company X that I would have to pay a connection fee and that I missed a days work waiting for X to send out an engineer for a service I never received.

Company X at no point contacted me to tell me of any problems and over the course of 2 months I have spent untold time on the mobile calling them and being passed from pillar to post being assured the line would be connected until finally I gave up and it wasn't.

Ironic calling them to be asked for my landline number to access my account when I had never been informed of it. The connection date was moved several times without any communication at all.

So now after 6 weeks since requesting the refund it has finally hit my account but they have overpaid it and are now sendingme letters saying I'm in debt to them.

I will argue that they owe me the line rental and my time spent contacting them plus call costs. But the overpayment is higher than the total sum of that.

I am worried that this supposed debt will adversely affect my credit rating as this mistake like all the others has been no fault of mine purely their fault.

Any advice will be greatly received I'm into hospital tomorrow for oncology treatment so this is the last thing I need to be honest.

Thank you for reading x


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