Bounts anyone?

I have seen another thread on Bounts but it seems to just for referrals,
just wondered if anyone gets many rewards with them?
Does anyone think they'r worth it?
I have joined but haven't bought a fitness tracker yet so not sure how it all works


  • I use it with my Garmin, its all connected up so as soon as I plug my garmin watch on to the laptop it uploads the run to garmin and connects to Bounts to add points.
    I reckon it will be a long time before I have enough points to spend tho....
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    I use it with mapmyfitness which is a free app on my phone.
    I've had £5 Sainsburys voucher and a £10 Costa card* - for me it's money for free as I'd be tracking anyway.

    Referrals, "special events" and the rewards wheel all add to the rate, but in general I get about 70-100 points a week. The only let down for me is the automatic check-in to venues, that never seems to work.

    * However, note that I've got the "pro" account because I joined up early and got parachuted in for free when they set up the new structure. I don't know how long it will take to get to rewards when I revert to the free account.
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