What's your favourite Christmas film?

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What's the Christmas period without a good old Christmas film? Yes they can sometimes be the epitome of cheese but for me, there's nothing like settling down during this time and sticking on a festive flick.

We've compiled the above options - let us know what your top billing is. As we're limited to 10, there will of course be some missing so if yours isn't here post it below.

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What's your favourite Christmas film? 36 votes

Home Alone 1 /2
13% 5 votes
Die Hard
16% 6 votes
The Muppets Christmas Carol
19% 7 votes
5% 2 votes
16% 6 votes
It's A Wonderful Life
19% 7 votes
The Grinch
0% 0 votes
Nightmare Before Christmas
0% 0 votes
Jingle All The Way
2% 1 vote
Love Actually
5% 2 votes


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