Severe disablement to esa

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Afternoon all,
My mother has been on severe disablement for over 20 years and received a letter saying she will be switched over to Esa.
She filled in the form and went for the medical then received a letter this week that detailed payments for ESA work focused group thingy (sorry don't have letter here and can't remember correct name).
I think she should be in the support group and said she should apply for MR but she has not received any outcome or report from the medical saying how points have been accured etc.
Shes phoned dwp and they said she needs medical evidence to have a Mr and kept saying that when she asked about report.
She went to CAB and they told her she needed medical evidence to get MR looked at. She told them she had no details of points and they said come back with medical evidence.

I'm getting frustrated on her behalf at the moment as she has 4/5 different conditions and we have no idea where points have been awarded/declined so no clue as to what medical evidence is needed iykwim?

I think she should have had details of the points and report, what can she say to dwp to make them send this so she knows what to focus the appeal on? Is there a form name or number she can quote so she knows exactly what to ask for?
Many thanks for any help


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