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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of joining my local gym (nearest is Virgin) and was wondering if its worth me waiting until the New Year. Does anyone know if they'll be doing offers come January 1st so I can save myself a few quid?



  • Heya

    I was a member of Virgin for a long time and thought it was great. The one I was a member of did do a january sale most years but I wouldn't know if it was guaranteed, probably worth waiting just in case
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    Or, will they raise prices in January?
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    I was a member of Virgin, they do rise the prices in January to memory and this rises for everyone no matter if you are new or have been a member for years though I think founder-members or members for life don't see price rises (though I could be wrong on that).

    I think they do have the odd offer but it's not January dependant, they had a huge issue with trying to be fair with new and current members so aside from the usual 1 month free and/or no joining fee (which was the offer I saw whilst a member for several years- I'm not any more so if they've change it since I am not aware).

    They sometimes have a freebie gym bag if a current member "introduces" you and you then sign up but they don't do this very often, maybe once a year and they can run out of free rucksacks (or whatever bag or freebie they're offering at the time.)
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    those days are over for virgin.

    they only offer 'no joining fee' and or 1-2 months free on a 12 month contract.

    now they've made the 'monthly rolling' contract available at all gyms they no longer need to do offers.
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