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Pay off £16k in 2016

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  • Im so sorry about the damage, fingers crossed you will get lots of support X
    :staradmin :staradmin Emergency Fund @ £300 Non CCJ Debts x 7 @ £2782/ £4055 PAID! CCJs x4 Unpaid Total @£5103 Christmas 2016 Fund @£116 Holiday Fund £300/ £550 Wedding Fund Goal: £2500 /// Total Remaining: £9409 / £12,900 (£3498- 27.11%Paid) :staradmin:staradmin
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    I'm off work today as pushing on to get it back so I can live in it. Think we will be staying there again as of tomorrow night! This is costing me an absolute fortune on loss of wages, repairs etc but it's not the end of the world iv got a lot of support round me. I have personally spent £6,000 already on repairs and getting tradesmen in. My house insurance can cover some parts of it but not all. Also if I claim my premium will go shooting up. In two minds whether i should claim it or not as was hoping to keep this place long term as a BTL. Least it will all come out the other end looking brand new!!

    Sometimes it's not about money though at least we were not injured or anything and our house is far from worst effected. Never mind 25 tomorrow, things can only get better. Going to definitely have a crack at saving £12-15k this year as an emergency fund. I don't find this extreme at all now this has happened. Shocking how quick it happened aswel. Also lucky we don't have kids yet or that would be another thing to worry about!!
    :eek:Living frugally at 24 :beer:
    Increase net worth £30k in 2016 :
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