Hello, this probably belongs in the Housing section but I thought the right people might be more likely to see the thread in this section.

Does anyone have any experience of using the Home Ownership for People with Long-term Disabilities (HOLD) Shared Ownership housing scheme that you could tell me about please?

I developed what will be a long-term disability in recent years (and receive ESA in the support group and standard rate of both PIP components) and my partner has long-term mental health problems but works full time. We're currently renting a pretty unsuitable house and can't make any adaptations, so would like to buy our own home. Since our income is reduced now I can't work some sort of Shared Ownership scheme might be our only way onto the property ladder at this stage; having recently found out about the HOLD scheme I wondered if this might work for us. From what I've read it's not offered very widely. It sounds like the standard Shared Ownerships schemes are a bit of a nightmare so I'm anticipating the HOLD scheme may be worse, has anyone used the scheme and could tell me about it please?

Thank you for any help.
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