New Grandparents - what to get them ?

Good friends of ours are thrilled at having finally become grandparents (their daughter is in her late-30's and it was after their 3rd round of IVF so an even more precious baby). We are wondering what to get them as new grandparents but have got stuck at: photo albums and photo frames! Anything more personalised seems to ask for pictures of the baby (which we don't have) and we seem to have missed the Christmas deadline.

Anyone a grandparent and got a present that they particularly appreciated? Or anyone-else bought a present for new grandparents that they felt was well received?

Thanks a lot..


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    Present for granparents? I lost out bigtime!
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    I am assuming you mean a Christmas presents for friends who have become grandparents rather that a gift for becoming grandparents.

    A good bottle of champagne is always nice. Two special champagne glasses to drink it from. I am sure they will be celebrating their grandchild for a long time and, if they use the glasses each time they drink champagne in the future (as they should, of course, lol), they will remember how wonderful it was at this special time.

    If they are anything like me and do a lot of babysitting, I know that, once the little one(s) have been collected by their parents, the first thing I reach for is something chilled in the fridge to help me relax.
  • Maybe you could get a copy of a nice picture of them with th ebabu pr just baby and parents and either frame it or have it put on a small canvas. As above, gifts for new grannies isnt really a 'thing' now is it although I did receive a couple of cards from friends which was a surprise.
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    how about a family photo shoot voucher? then they can all have their photo done together x a memory book? Somebody suggested in another post of registering an email of the babys name. Grandparent/parent can then send email/photo of events, days out etc to baby email. Said email then gets presented to baby on special birthday/event. A lovely email account filled with pictures and memories of the baby growing up, priceless x
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