MSE News: Chancellor pledges measures to help families keep costs down

George Osborne has pledged to save families up to £470 a year by boosting competition and cutting red tape...
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Chancellor pledges measures to help families keep costs down


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  • VT82VT82 Forumite
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    Could be some sense in the school uniform and water supplier policies. Everything else sounds like a lot of hot air to me.
  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    Long overdue for action to be taken on school uniforms.
    The "cozy" deals some schools have with their monopoly suppliers makes some parents pay twice as much or more than they need to for some items of clothing.
  • Water changes could be very problematic. It's not like gas or electricity where a national grid is used to move the fuel to where it is needed.

    How is water going to get from say Northumberland (where it is plentiful and cheap) to London? Or will Northumbria Water pay Thames Water for the supply and how is Thames going to make a profit from a massive reduced tariff?

    I would love water to be cheaper as I'm on a water meter but this doesn't sound feasible.
  • davidgmmafandavidgmmafan Forumite
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    I can't believe people think the idea of switching water supplier is a good idea. It works pretty well as it is, the water bill just isn't a concern for me and I get a good service whenever I contact them.

    When it comes to power however I get a myriad of consuming and misleading tariffs and systems which mostly don't work. I then have to work out the bill myself and tell the supplier how to do their job.

    I will however avoid a property with a water meter for as long as I can as if there is a massive leak it goes onto your bill. I've seen this happen to somebody who was crippled by the cost.

    All the other stuff apart from maybe school uniforms is fluff. I'd far rather they looked at the private rented sector and gave tenants some rights or protection...
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