Windows 10 and Bluetooth Problem with 2 new laptops - need help please.

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I bought my first laptop - a Lenovo from John Lewis in September. One of my 'must haves' was a bluetooth connection to my Galaxy S3. The sales staff said yes - that's all good but when I got it home, it would pair but not connect. When I tried to send a picture my phone said 'File Not Sent'. These are the things I've tried:
  • phone works with husband's Lenovo running an earlier Windows
  • phone works with John Lewis's Sony Vaio loan laptop running Windows 10
  • laptop was fine with a wireless mouse/keyboard
  • the laptop was sent off for 3 weeks for 'repair' and came back with exactly the same problem
  • the laptop would connect with a Bose speaker in the store but not other bluetooth speakers (get you, with your expensive tastes!!)
I exchanged the Lenovo for an HP yesterday. I installed Windows 10 updates and got new drivers from the HP website (something called Bios and something called Realtek)

Still no luck.

I've given the potted version of this so I don't end up going off on a rant. :)

Before I lose the will to live/return this laptop for a refund and try to buy a laptop running an earlier version of Windows - I'm not fussy, does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix this please?


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