What to get a 14 year old I don't know!?

So over Christmas at work we buy presents for children that are in lower income families where their parents are financially unable to buy presents for their children. We pick a tag from the Christmas tree, then buy that child a gift. We do this in conjunction with the Samaritans.

I chose a 14 year old boy, and a 14 year old girl. That is all the information I have to go on!

We get no other details about the children and I'm finding it really difficult to pick something to buy. What if the girl is a tomboy and I get her make-up? What if the boy likes nothing but basketball and I get him a skateboard?

I don't have children, and don't have many children in the family so I haven't really had to buy for someone this age before.

Does anyone have any ideas on what a good kind of gift to get would be, where it wouldn't matter what you were into you'd still like the gift?


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