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Hi All
I previously posted re my self employed bankruptcy (Please see previous thread for background info - Ttitled: Self Employed BR)

I have now had my interview and given the change in circumstances with work, OR interviewer has said she will review in 4 months time as no point using current figures.
I still need to work out what hours / earnings it is worth me doing so I need to work out what the living allowance will be.
She briefly referred to my SOA and for instance shopping bill she could allow £200 and something, I explained myself and partner total all household bills and travel etc then divide by 2. She then said if it were to be done that way then she would need to know what he was earning?
Should I therefore work out my SOA as a single person? totally confused as they specifically ask what your partners contribution to the household expenses is? Obviously going forward, if I am earning upto my 'permitable allowance' only he will be picking up the slack for the rest of the amount if it is less that what I have previously been contributing as our household bills as a couple will not change
Anyone able to help?


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    The usual assumption is that household expenses are split proportionate to the individuals' incomes. So a 50-50 split is fine where both parties earn the same. If the income split is 66-33 (where the bankrupt earns twice the other) then it is reasonable for the bankrupt to take two thirds of household expenses. This would apply to most things e.g. rent, council tax, elec, water, gas, tv licence, food.

    Where the costs can be individualised (car costs maybe) then it is fine to put down the actual costs
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