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    Check the timescales for challenges, once pasts you can distribute.

    Any discussion of a DOV does not need you(as executor) involved unless there are direct tax implications for the estate.
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    WYSPECIAL wrote: »
    Ok it's an old thread but everything is now dealt with and the estate ready to distribute except the people challenging the Will have still not made any move other than ask for mediation with the beneficiaries to discus a DOV which they have never organised. Several beneficiaries are agreeable to mediation although I doubt they would agree to a variation.
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    I think you are being too reasonable.

    If the beneficiaries want to give the unhappy challenger a gift after they have received their inheritance that's their option and not your concern.

    Your primary role is to distribute the estate in accordance with the donor's stated wishes. But of course you should be guided by your solicitor.

    I agree with Linton - you've been very reasonable.

    Distribute the estate. If any of the beneficiaries want to give away some of their share, they can do it as individuals.
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