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Hi All,

Some questions from a first-time poster, if I may? I've read existing threads on 'Security Check' (SC) vetting from the UK Government but can't see an answer to some questions so hoping fellow posters would be kind enough to offer some context:

The SC form understandably asks a series of questions about personal finance for the last ten years; I held this level of clearance about ten years ago so understand the rationale. Most questions I'm fine with however I was in bad debt up until quite recently; I do intend to provide the subjective background to this on the form but ultimately I messed up. I did though have two CCJs (recently expired after six years) and do have a default (subject to a notice of correction):eek::eek:. Because the form asks for details of defaults and CCJs incurred in the last TEN years though, obviously I will declare these on the form. Aside from this I have about £10k of personal loan debt (which I'm up-to-date with and have never been in arrears with); I earn £54k so the debt is easily serviceable and one credit card which if I use, I clear every month. Bar this default my credit files are clean.

So my first question to those in the know - even though the CCJs have expired, because they're in the last ten years, is this likely to affect my ability to obtain clearance?

Secondly, the questionnaire asks if the applicant has been declined for credit cards or personal loans. I'd have to answer yes to both. Do fellow posters with any context believe this is likely to be a bar to clearance being granted, or does the vetting system take into account that the foregoing adverse is more than likely to effect the granting of credit facilities? I also couldn't put a precise figure on either of these instances.

Finally, and slightly off-topic of money, I left a job under the terms of a compromise agreement with a cash settlement to me. The form asks for details of immediate line managers; the line manager in question would refer any references to HR. Are the vetting people just looking, with employment references to verify dates of employment, or is there a wider context about character that would put former employers in a compromising position?

Very grateful for your consideration of this and any context you can offer.

Best wishes,



  • sourcrates
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    What is the vetting in relation to ? Employment ? Something else ?
    This forum deals with debt issues, solutions etc.

    The question you are asking is quite topic specific, and unless another poster has been through the process you describe, or has knowledge of it, you may not find the answer on here.

    I'm sorry I can't be of further help.
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  • holders1984
    Hi, thanks for your response and apologies for the lack of clarity. It's in relation to an employment question but because the forum deals with debt issues and my questions wrt relate to debt, hoping someone might have some info.

    Best wishes,
  • rolls99
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    With the issue being to do with clearance of whatever sort, I would say that NOT mentioning the defaults and not the defaults themselves would be the issue.

    Had the defaults dropped off ten years ago, then, strictly speaking you could answer "no" but as with all these things the devil is in the detail of the questions.

    This is one of these situations where, it seems it can only be for the best to "Spill the beans" and see what happens.

    I certainly wouldn't want to "forget to mention" something and then worry about it later.

    With these things, I think you need to put yourself in the "opposite" pair of shoes. Would you offer clearance to someone who was completely upfront with you warts and all? Obviously you can't then ask "What if" (you found out they weren't) but, that's the great unknown with its own consequences presumably.
  • fermi
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    So my first question to those in the know - even though the CCJs have expired, because they're in the last ten years, is this likely to affect my ability to obtain clearance?

    Depends on other history and whether it's contributory to any perceived risk for the roll.

    In general though if you are honest and not now under severe financial pressure that could result in you being open to undue influence, then it's not likely to be a big deal.

    Have known people with a recent bankruptcy be fine on the old DV - developed vetting check for defence posts, so a past CCJ on a SC one is not a huge thing on it's own.
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  • Brightspark87

    Always be honest when it comes to these things DO NOT sugar coat etc. I had this struggle (see my diary) meant lots of extra checks and regular 'debt' meetings but every second of worry was worth it for the job. Not the same as you but similar.

    Especially as you have turned things around moneywise.

    Good luck and update us when you can??

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  • andyfromotley
    Hi holders,

    i was SC cleared for all of my employment and moved roles and organisations a number of times so kept getting redone before they allowed SC 'transfer' as it were.

    As you know, scrupulous honesty is the keyword. Any lies - instafail. Beyond that i dont see anything that you have given that should cause too many problems. Many people with financial problems can and do maintain SC clearance. Its when the problems are so chromic and ongoing that you present a security risk through theft, corruption or blackmail that it will be a problem.
    The old employer stuff depends. Most likely just a standard employer check. But if there is some reason that you were released such as dishonesty or malpractice then you have problems.
    Supply as much context as you can on your vetting forms.
    SC is not a particularly onerous level of vetting, and in general you may be ok (although they can make it more rigorous if they choose) if they do then you will have an interview where you can add context.
    You are unlikely to pas DV from what you say so just beware of applying for any jobs that carry that level.

    PM me if i can help any more.
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  • Playing_with_Fire_2
    I was SC'ed before, and worked with a person who had a much worse credit history (and significant current debt problems) than you. They had ongoing reviews to check that finances hadn't gone off the rails, but they still got the job no problem.

    The other question I would be ready for is are you open with your family about the past issues - are there any family members that you haven't and couldn't tell about the CCJs or that you've lied to about past money problems.
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