Train ticket refund?

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If a railway season ticket is accidentally left at home, so I have to buy a day return, am I entitled to a refund of the day return cost on production of the season ticket?


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    I would say no as it was not the fault of the rail company that you forgot your season ticket. A lesson learned I think.
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    No, you're not entitled to a refund. You could ask in the hope that they may give you something as a goodwill gesture. However, how do they know that you didn't used your season ticket, and the day ticket belonged to someone else ? Ultimately it was your error, so unfortunately you'll have to take it on the chin.
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    I've done it before. East Midlands Trains allow you to forget twice in a 12 month period - there is a form available at ticket offices that is sent to Head Office and eventually a refund cheque arrives.

    With a day return costing £118.50 it's a welcome offer. Not sure it is documented anywhere.
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