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What happened to the £10m (now £20m) I promised to donate to charity?

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What happened to the £10m (now £20m) I promised to donate to charity?

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  • Hi Martin,

    Almost all retailers make use of a few fraud check providers when processing debit and credit cards, thus flagging up suspicious card usage.

    Although some retailers treat any non-perfect response as card decline, there is usually a short explanatory message returned as well.

    That would be one method of implementing your idea.

  • SnowManSnowMan Forumite
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    As a volunteer at my local CAB for the past 9 years (as well as doing a few paid jobs), it is great to see Martin's support for the CAB :T

    I'm still as passionate about what we do as I was when I started volunteering all those years ago. Our greatest strength seems to be that we put those seeking our advice first. Everything else seems to fit into place when you do that.

    The previous CAB I volunteered at went bankrupt. Fortunately a neighbouring CAB was able to set up a service in its place. But there's always that concern it will happen again, and the community will have nowhere to go to get the help and advice we offer.

    There are some incredible people volunteering and working at the CAB, and I'm completely in awe of them. I'd say to anyone thinking of volunteering give it a go. It's not an easy role though but its incredibly rewarding.
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