This must be illegal?? P.f.i.

Hi, if i was a property owner, if i rent my home/building to a tennant/business, i must meet certain standards to make safe the property yes? i.e. a kitchen requires fire proof boards on a ceiling incase of fire? a bath/sink must have a water escape incase of over filling & potential flood damage?
So if i modernise a hospital & neglect to implement health & safety aspects (i.e. no fire proof boards on any ceilings in building), will the rent costs be liable to claim back as the building not fit for purpose?
My local hospital is being financially ran into the ground over a 10yr spell now, leading to many fine doctors over looking it for a place to work. They rely on apprentice doctors to fill placements causing lack of experience, leading to poor statistics & more doctors over looking it for better conditions. The A & E even closed temperaly lately as no doctors were on site!!!!!!
How can us local people help to get our hospital up to spec & become an attractive place to work for doctors????
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