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I have received letter stating I owe £1800 in arrears and must start paying £25 per week .
I have always paid csa and when I started new job in Jan 2014 I got in touch with csa to change payment and they said they would get in touch with ex (she was getting payment for two children but we found out I overpaid as she had not declared the child had left school).
I have heard nothing till yesterday since then.
I spoke to csa and they said yes I did phone in Jan 2014 to tell them of wage change, and they could not get hold of ex.(although still living at same house).
I said I was surprised that she had not been in touch with them as she would have not been getting any money since Jan 14.They tried to get in touch with her this weekend and they could not.
We have aslo found out that the child no longer claims child benefit since sept 2015. CSA TOLD ME ITS LOOKS LIKE ADMIN ERROR .
Any ideas what I should do.I have no issue paying maintence and have always been upfront and honest.but I caanot afford to pay the £1800 if I have too.We have no contact with children or ex partner.
I had letter today saying I should pay £25 from 7/01/2014.


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    Presume your assessment following the change of circumstances you reported is £25 per week? What was it before as you will only owe the difference in arrears?

    Ask for a copy of your assessment and check it carefully to ensure it is correct.
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    You used to be able to ask for a 'clerical breakdown' which would show your assessment in detail, as Wyspecial says, request this and check it carefully.
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    It's now called a full account breakdown letter
  • wazer1
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    CSA have been in touch again .They have tried to get in touch with ex by phone and letter,they have gone to correct address.
    They still have had no reply.The lady I spoke to said she has never had a case where the person who haves the money as not been in touch. She said I have given all the correct info over the yrs including wage slips in 2014.
    based on wages over 2yrs I owe £1800.( Was playing more before as different job).Have not got aprobelm paying but it all seems so dodgy.
    I have been told not too worry as they are tring to deal with it.
    My main concern is how long will this go on and do I just wait round.
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    How old is the child now? Don't worry too much, you're the one who's co-operating here. so you've no reason to fear them
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    I have been informed by CSA that child benefit ended in September 2015.
    The csa have been helpful (They said they don't know how it slipped the system,) .
    Im just concerned about the payment I will have to pay IF they get in touch with ex.Will this be written off or will it come back to bite me in about 10yrs.
    They have told me not to worry and if it comes to paying it will be a small amount payable each week.
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    Today csa got in touch.They have been in touch with ex and she does want money.It is a total of £1600.The case is closed and this is arrears .They have told me I need to have a lump sum and pay so much a week.
    I told them all I could pay was £25 per week and could not afford a lump sum.They are going to get back to me but a figure of £50 per week was mentioned.lol.
    More annoyed as im the one who has done every thing by the book .Its the CSA(lost the case) and ex who have not been contactable (lives 1.5 miles from me and see her in the town).
    So much for doing thing right .
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    £25pw will clear the debt in 64 weeks. Tell them you're adamant that's all you can afford and are happy to set up a standing order to that effect. (providing you are of course).

    I'd be amazed if they don't snap your hand off.
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