What to get for premature baby and new mum

I became a Great Auntie on Saturday to a little girl born at 28 weeks who is likely to be staying in the SCBU until January. Any suggestions for what to get her or my niece? I only normally see her once a year, so I have no idea what she likes, and I think Granny will already have gone mental on the baby clothes.


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    Aww how lovely, congratulations! What about a nice candle and bath melt for mum to help her relax. What about a personalised nursary rhyme book for baby? Mum might like reading to her baby when she spends time in hospital with her. Either that or some vouchers for mothercare or somewhere?
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    At 28 weeks is imagine the baby is too small for most shops newborn clothes. I'd suggest looking for where you can buy clothes for a baby this small. There might also be rules about what toy they are allowed to have when this small, perhaps you could read up on this and buy something that complies. Is it the first baby they've had as I'd imagine that they haven't prepared due to the baby being so early, perhaps a gift voucher, like Mothercare, would allow them to buy the essentials.
    Don't listen to me, I'm no expert!
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    But I suspect that you may all still be in a state of shock too.

    Baby's probably not going to be wearing much more than a tiny nappy and a hat for a while. Mum's probably not going to be thinking about much more than visiting times for a while.

    My thoughts on presents would be a mix of traditional and practical. For baby, a soft toy for newborns. And some tiny hats - if you can find them. If you knit, or know someone who knits, that's probably the way to go. The hospital shop/WRVS may have some too.

    For mum, a pampering voucher with a very long expiry date (she may not feel like going for a pampering session until she's got her little girl home and well settled) and a decent handcream (she's going to be washing her hands and disinfecting them a lot).

    All that said, is there any way you can find out how mum feels about the idea of gifts right now? It might not be what she needs or wants at this stage.
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    Thanks all, I think it's been known for a while that the baby would be born early, so it's not a shock as such. She wasn't growing as fast as she should so was delivered by planned c-section. From what I've heard she is breathing on her own but is obviously tiny.

    I'm thinking of not getting any clothes yet but maybe a small soft toy and hat for the baby, some flowers and hand cream for mum and perhaps an M&S voucher to get in some ready meals.
  • charliewocka
    My colleague and his wife had a baby at 28 weeks (waters broke at 25 weeks but they held on!). Baby was discharged from SCBU four weeks before the due date and all going well so far!

    My colleague was showing me pictures of a toy they have to place in the cot when he came home. It glows red and makes noises like being inside the womb. It apparently calms him down instantly and helped him settle. It's called 'Ewan the Sheep'. Might be nice for when they come home?

    In the interim, make sure mum and dad get some quality time. Perhaps a hair appointment for mum when she is in more of a routine, an afternoon tea or something for them together?
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    The handcream idea is a really good one - as said, lots of trips to the hospital = lots of alcohol gel disinfectant = horribly dry hands. A nice one for home and a little one she can keep in a bag would be perfect.

    She'll also be spending a lot of time at the hospital with little one, so maybe books / book vouchers / a magazine subscription - she'll be exhausted but some light fluffy reading to pass the time while there?

    You can get gift vouchers for the big chain restaurants - Prezzo etc - so maybe one so mum and dad can eat out one night instead of having to cook? Though they may not feel like going out. I always think a Dominos voucher would be appreciated at a time like this but they don't do them! EDIT - just seen the M&S voucher idea - perfect. :)
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    I've looked up Ewan the Sheep and it's £29.99 :eek:

    I think I'll take a trip into Toys R Us at lunch time...
  • [Deleted User]
    When I had mine 6 weeks early by Caesarian, the thing I appreciated most was help getting to the hospital every day as I couldn't drive myself - are you close enough to offer lifts?
    If not, a little hat as suggested is good, or tiny felt toys to put in the incubator.
    Or if mum is expressing milk, a breast pump?
    Don't bother with clothes while baby is in hospital as they use their own (or they did 26 years ago - best to ask the staff?) but something nice e.g. dolls babygro (no I'm not joking!) to bring baby home in.
    Or an assortment of tiny tiny nappies - again not needed while in hospital - but different makes fit different shapes of baby so parents might need to try lots of brands to find ones that don't leak.
    Hope that helps.
    Best of luck to the baby & parents - my scrawny little scrap is now a 6ft man so although it's scary at first I'm sure baby will thrive!
  • BrassicWoman
    Tesco do a range of prem babywear, have a look online very reasonably priced and helps Great Ormond street
    2021 GC £1365.71/ £2400
  • kingfisherblue
    As a parent who has spent a vast amount of time in hospital with their child, I agree with the handcream. Another idea, if you're close enough, is something tasty to eat. Hospital canteens vary in quality and price, and having something decent to eat at lunchtime was definitely a treat. When friends were in a similar position a couple of years ago, they enjoyed decent food being brought in at lunchtime, especially as vegetarian options were very limited.

    Or you could offer to pay for a weekly parking ticket - they cost £10 a week at our local hospital, or parking is £6 a day. It can be very expensive having a child in hospital!

    Best wishes to you all; hope the little one is improving daily.
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