Which digital piano?

Hello all, I've been looking into buying a digital piano. (Haven't had my own before and not played for a few years, since leaving family home)

It's quite tricky trying to find decent reviews online, most are either purely tech comparisons or only found on sellers websites (not helpful as they recommend all of them or just one particular brand)

I've found a couple decent review sites though, mostly American.

It looks like the ones to look at are either Yamaha YDP142 or 162. Or Casio PX860. (£550-£700 price range)

One reviewer suggested that the Casio has much more of a natural feel, particularly when pressing the keys (Yamaha in same price range are a tad stiff feeling/need more pressure to press) the casio ones supposedly feel more like a good acoustic piano. Also no tapping noise when you press the keys.

However watching videos on YouTube, I believe that I slightly preferred the piano sound of the Yamaha. But it's hard to tell just from a video.

Ideally I need to try and see them in the flesh. But limited shops around here (only one within 20 miles that sells pianos) also I hate salesman and don't like trying to test things with people hovering.

But I digress, has anyone tried any of those digital pianos? How did you find them? Any other recommendations?
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    I have a Casio Privia PX150 (cheaper than the 860) but much preferred the sound and action of the Casio's to the Yamaha equivalents.

    The Yamaha action was much more like a keyboard than a piano, with the weighting seemingly in the wrong place.

    I should add that the "no tapping noise" is lessened on the Casio, compared to Yamaha, but, you will still hear taps if playing with headphones (you would with a piano!).
  • Cheers, I got a Roland HP506 in the end. Fantastic instrument with a 10 Year warranty.

    Had just been discontinued so price dropped before Christmas. Went from £1200 when I first saw it in the shop to £999 by the time I bought it
    Mortgage remaining: £42,260 of £77,000 (2.59% til 03/18 - 2.09% til 03/23)

    Savings target June 18 - £22,281.99 / £25,000
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