Charger recommendations for PS4

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Just bought a PS4 for DS for Xmas and would like to get a charger unit for it. A few I've seen have said the controllers must be removed when fully charged but I want one that the controller can be left on. Can anyone recommend any please. Thanks.


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    Can you not just use the USB lead that comes with it and keep it plugged into one of the USB ports on the console?
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    Best to have 2 controllers if you can - one can be left on charge, while the other is being used. The PS4 controllers lose charge much quicker than the PS3 ones did.
    Does the TV it will be used on have a USB port? I recharge one controller by plugging the usb end into the TV , and I swap them over when needed. The problem with plugging them into the PS4 to charge, is that they only charge if the PS4 is on or if it is in standby, whereas the TV will charge whenever it is on, which in my house is more than the PS4 is on.
    The 'chargers' that are sold on Amazon and the like, still need to be plugged into something via USB, most are designed for charging multiple controllers, whereas the cable alone can only charge one at a time. Don't think anyone does single controller chargers, as RichL74 says, that is what the cable it comes with is for.
    You can use the controller whilst it is plugged into the PS4 but the cables aren't that long.
  • The one he has for his xbox 360 is a stand alone one which plugs into the mains and charges 2 at the same time, plus it keeps them tidy. I was hoping someone could recommend something along those lines. He will probably buy himself another controller so a dual one would be ideal.
  • You really need 2 controllers as they only last about 6/7hours before going flat. I use a dual docking station plugged into my Samsung phone charger. Been working ok for the last 6 months and I leave them on charge 24/7 as they switch off when fully charged.
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