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Deezer feedback

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This thread is specifically to discuss feedback for
Deezer (Link)

If you've used Deezer, we'd love to know how it was for you, so we can improve the guide. Click reply to leave your feedback.

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Many thanks,
MSE Nick


  • I had a 12 month free subscription with Deezer when I purchased a Sonos speaker system. It was great. About 6 months in I was offered Deezer Elite (higher quality music) for £35. I should have read the small print but I had signed an auto renewal agreement. That was 18 months ago. I just received an email this week informing me that my card was declined and that I had to pay £199.99 exc VAT if I wanted to keep my subscription. I can honestly say my chin hit the floor. Deezer Elite was advertised at £14.99/month inc VAT (£179.88) and it's even cheaper if you pay for one or two years in advance. My one year subscription was over the price of a two year deal. I complained and was offered 30 days free! The purpose of this is please be aware of auto-renewal contracts. There is no shame when a company takes advantage of loyal customers by hoping they don't read the small print and charging them double for the same service which could be had by cancelling and renewing on a new deal. I have cancelled and will be moving to Spotify. They probably do the same but at least I'll have my eyes open in future!
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