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Google Play Music feedback

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This thread is specifically to discuss feedback for
Google Play Music (Link)

If you've used Google Play Music, we'd love to know how it was for you, so we can improve the guide. Click reply to leave your feedback.

To read about online music streaming in general, read the main
Free Online Music guide

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    Really like it. It's my music service of choice. I have tried the others (I even have the Amazon Prime one included, but rarely use it).

    My reasons for liking Google Music.

    * Ability to upload my own songs for free, with scan and match (50,000 songs).
    * Seamlessly merges bought music, uploaded music, curated playlists and unlimited music package
    * I really enjoy the playlist sharing feature, with a good active playlist sharing community.
    * Good offline and multi device support. I use the web version alot, it's fast and intuitive.

    Best of all, Dip in and out. it works for me, as I can jump in and out of the pay features on a monthly basis, based on my usage. Reverting to the basic Google Play music that just contains my uploaded and purchased music and playlists, or upgrade for a month, and have it expanded to include my streaming playlists and unlimited content for that month.

    My top tip:

    Pin your Thumbs Up playlist on your device. You can then Thumbs up anything you like (from anywhere you like, works from any device, or the Google Play music site), and any of your devices with the pinned thumbs up playlist will download that track for offline use next time they are on wifi. It's a great way to keep an offline music collection of music you want to listen to when off-grid.
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