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Apple Music feedback

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This thread is specifically to discuss feedback for
Apple Music (Link)

If you've used Apple Music, we'd love to know how it was for you, so we can improve the guide. Click reply to leave your feedback.

To read about online music streaming in general, read the main
Free Online Music guide

Many thanks,
MSE Nick


  • V frustrated with Apple Music, but this is just a factual report.
    I have a 3 month trial which was going OK, and I was thinking of carrying on with a paid subscription.
    All of a sudden Apple Music no longer works. None of the 30 million tracks would play - I got a message saying 'the server is not properly configured' - no idea what this means.
    Not only that but all the tracks I had saved into playlists (including 'make available offline' had vanished.
    My membership is still shown as 'active', but it is just as if the whole thing has been removed, leaving my (thank goodness) with my original local music file. Complete waste of time.
    Plenty of others online had said the same sort of things, or worse. I can't find any sort of solution, so I won' t be allowing any payments to be taken after the 3 months, and will be considering Spotify.
  • How annoying! I haven't tried it out yet, not sure I will after this.
  • I've used Apple music since it was released and so far have had no problems with it and found it excellent. Previously I was using Spotify which was also great, but switched to Apple for the family sharing option - 4 of us for £15 per month. Since it was released there has been a few minor updates, notably making it more obvious which songs and albums you have downloaded for offline use.
  • wyattewyatte Forumite
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    I have an ipod and I've been downloading music for years,my computer hasn't been working properly so I haven't been able to download music for months,I always listen to Apple music for relaxation .
    Every time and every where don't forget to be happy.:rotfl:
  • madge72madge72 Forumite
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    I signed up for the 3 month trial and unsubscribed (as a precautionary). Although the principle of the app is good and it means all my music is in one place, it could be better designed. The icons for downloading albums/singles, along with a sharing icon, along with a favourite icon...just makes it all a bit easy to get mixed up. It has crashed my mobile 3 times since yesterday evening (I have an iPhone 5) and has a much slower response than its competitors. I think if this continues, I will be making my decision to subscribe with either Spotify or Deezer, purely because they are more user friendly and don't crash my phone (which when rebooting eats a large % of my battery!) :(
    :dance:keep dancing:dance:
  • Used the trial, didn't like it. Gone back to Google Music, which seems to be far better all round - better at allowing me to upload my own tracks for free (50,000), better curated radio stations, and better selection of music on offer, particularly indie labels.
  • gentleorangegentleorange Forumite
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    I signed up on day one of the trial. I had no problem with the app itself, but my existing music on the iPod Touch had problems. Tracks disappeared and didn't come back, and playlists got messed up. Getting access to new music didn't mean much when playlists I'd carefully put together over years were suddenly mangled. Apple should not have rushed it out before it was ready. You know where you are with Spotify, I'll be sticking with that.
  • I tried it for a month ... then quickly switched back to Spotify. Too clunky, doesn't work great!
  • BiscuitMuncherBiscuitMuncher Forumite
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    I had no idea I was paying for this service!

    Contacted Apple Customer Support and got a three month refund.
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