How to cancel Apple Music - our new guide

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Hi folks, we have a new How to cancel Apple Music guide, and we'd love to hear your feedback especially if you managed to get a refund after forgetting to cancel after the free trial.

Just click reply below to share any info. If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply. If you aren’t sure how it all works, read our New to Forum? Intro Guide.
Thanks for your help :)
MSE Sally


  • Thanks for reminding me to cancel with 4 days to spare :) I got charged last month (but wasn't too bothered) but I've already got Spotify premium and think that is better (at the moment anyway). So auto-renew turned off now. Not going to try to get a refund though as I have used a bit this month...
  • Forgot to cancel subscription and hadn't realised I was on auto-renew. Received an invoice from Apple and contacted them via the apple support pages simply stating I wanted to cancel and would like a refund. Received a reply within half an hour and refund shortly after! Very easy!
  • Worked for me. I missed the deadline. Sent an email to support, refund email received 5 minutes later.
    Good tip, Martin.
  • Got my refund of £9.99 today. I rang to say I'd forgotten to cancel the 3 month trial and they agreed to refund me, no problems.
  • I was the same I forgot all about the free trial so was charged and I didn't realise I was on auto renew. I have contacted them by email but not holding my breath as it happened a couple of weeks ago when I was moving house.
  • Just done this now and got two months back. Very easy and great customer service from Apple! Thank you MSE
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    I've only just realised I was automatically paying for Apple Music.

    Lax of me I know but I didn't check my Apple invoices carefully enough and also had no idea Apple Music existed.

    I contacted Apple Support and have received a three month refund.

    Lesson learnt to be more careful in the future.
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    Thank you for the advice in how to cancel Apple Music Pack. Following how to contact Apple we emailed them because
    we didn't remember signing up
    we couldn't find a subscription button under setting (following your instructions)
    the payment request was sent to the 'back up' email not our main Apple email.

    They replied it was a phishing email and to forward it to them.
    Hopefully this has sorted it, so thank you.
    Ps the email had a live link that took you to a page hat asked for all your bank details- din't do it
  • I noticed a £9.99 take on my bank today which I hadn’t authorised and Apple Support confirned a three month sub had been requested in June (I didn’t) which may have been the store guru setting it up. I used their new support app to get a callback which took ten minutes to come through and they refunded the £9.99 in full after I told them what I thought of them and sent an email explaining how to stop triggering the subscription requests. Thx
  • Hi

    I’ve got multiple free Apple Music offers, 6months from VW, 6months from EE, and apple’s 3 months. Can I use it one after the other?
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