which gaming headset for a teen?

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ds has asked for a gaming headset for xmas but I haven't got a clue what I should be looking for and wether its worth paying more for a better set though don't want to be paying £100+
any recommendations for a teen playing on ps4? thanks
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  • My last set was Turtle Beach (X99s IIRC). I paid about £40 in Tesco in a sale about 6 years ago, and they were very good, right up until I sat on them some weeks back :D

    Might be worth considering if he is going to want wireless or not. Personally I didn't have the need, but then my rigs are all beside one another with a dedicated monitor. If he plays in the living room and is more than about 8 feet from the screen, then you might want to consider choosing a wireless option.

    I actually use Skullcandy phones now. Much better bass response than the TBs I did have. They do not however have a built in microphone.

    Amazon have THESE which should be well within budget, and gets (mostly) very good reviews.

    Remember to check with wireless that you will be able to switch channels on either the headset or your router should the need arise. Not much point having shiny new headphones if the wifi doesn't work after switching them on!
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    The official Sony headset is fantastic.


    Available cheaper if you shop around but well worth the money
  • No need to pay over £50 or so. A decent set of Turtle Beach will do the job without busting the bank.
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