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I keep reading about the benefits of weights in losing weight and toning up and I am keen to explore this further. However I am not able to go to a gym and I wondered if it is possible to achieve good results at home? What equipment is essential and where can I find good programmes?

It would be good to hear from people who have had good results working out this way at home.
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    How much space have you got at home?

    How strong are your floors?

    What are your goals? be more specific than tone up. eg post a pic of some one who you aspire to look like.
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    Maintaining muscle burns more calories so with a good healthy diet so yes weights and any exercise that builds musce will help you lose and keep off the flab.
    You don't need weights to build muscle. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do. You could also invest in some resistance bands and/or a trx or similar system.
    If you want to lift stuff then look at bodybeast and p90x series if you want to follow a structured daily routine. Or just look on youtube for some videos or even just google weight lifting programme and then again look on youtube for proper technique.
    The big 3 you will need to do will be squats, bench press and deadlift. Throw in some shoulder press, pushups into renegade row, lunges and tricep dips and you are pretty much good to go.
    As for equipment, it all depends on what you decide to go with. You can spend a lot or just a few £'s. Decide what you want to do then look at what you need. I workout at home and have hexagonal dumbbells ranging from 2kg up to 25kg, medicine balls, stabilty ball, pull up station and some resistance bands. All in all it cost about £250 and mostly came from Amazon. Start slowely and always look for new moves or a different way to do the ones you are doing. Also try low reps high weight and then high reps low weights just to keep your body guessing. Oh and get a foam roller. Your body will thank you.
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    I joined the calorie count forum, there's lots of like minded people on there with handy tips on home exercising etc x
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