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Reclaim for incomplete TfL journeys - guide discussion

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Reclaim for incomplete TfL journeys - guide discussion

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Public Transport & Cycling
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MSE_JennyMSE_Jenny Senior WriterMSE Staff
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Public Transport & Cycling

Hi all,

We've written a new guide on How to reclaim for incomplete TfL journeys and would love your feedback.

How did you find the info? Was it useful? Do you have any other tips you'd add?

Thanks for your help!

MSE Jenny


  • Thank you for posting this Jenny.
    Earlier this year I did claim a unjust fair charge on my contactless card. The change from underground to Overground the system got confused and overcharged me something like £10. I simply logged in and claimed but they still didn't see it through but after an email stating my side they did see it through and refunded.

    As an update last Fri. while on journey I was speaking to a TFL guy who said there is some £100m+ in the unclaimed account which TFL are keen to give back it's just we have to claim it.

    One thing I didn't find out was if this total includes the delay which has been unclaimed as well. If not then the total will be exponential.
  • silvercarsilvercar Forumite, Board Guide
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    Very interesting.

    I tracked my recent journeys and find that a rail only journey at peak time costs more than if I add a short tube journey onto the same rail journey. How is that even possible?
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  • davktdavkt Forumite
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    So its you lot logging in to claim that is making the journey history bit to busy to let me print my expenses is it? Seriously though it is worth checking your account regularly as mistakes happen and tfl settlem them with no complaint.
  • silvercar wrote: »
    Very interesting.

    I tracked my recent journeys and find that a rail only journey at peak time costs more than if I add a short tube journey onto the same rail journey. How is that even possible?

    There are a different set of fares for journeys on the national rail network and including the tube - very confusing but I found this site off a rail forum that I looked at from a link on here which seems to answer all questions related to it - the tfl website is a struggle
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  • I once had an incomplete journey from Watford Junction to Paddington. My contactless card didn't read at Paddington. When I checked the fare applied it was less than the actual fare for the journey made. Needless to say I didn't bother claiming!
  • I have a number of incomplete journeys I would like to try and reclaim from the last 8 weeks since starting a new job in London - a mixture of my own confusion about where mainline ticket barriers ended and tube started on the Waterloo & City (appreciate these may not be refunded) and what must have been a faulty machine type event, so I was really pleased to see this guide.

    But I'm having problems as I don't seem to be getting the same interface described in the guide. I can select 'View journey history' which is slightly different to 'View journeys and payment history' but on the journey history page, there are no yellow triangles next to the incomplete journeys, nor are there any links to 'Contact us about this journey' tabs as described.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Thanks in advance!
  • t0rt0iset0rt0ise Forumite
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    I'd add to the guide that one incomplete journey on an Oyster can also be corrected by staff at the stations. Ask anyone on the gate line and they should be able to use a ticket machine to correct one journey. It's not possible to do more than one though. And it's only good for Oyster cards and not contactless cards but it's particularly useful if someone goes through the gates and then changes their mind and wants to come back out.
  • fly-catchersfly-catchers Forumite
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    Just did my first ever contactless trip yesterday. I made sure I tapped my card on the yellow card reader and each time the barrier opened. However I was charged the incomplete journey fare as it failed to recognise the station I exited and them returned from. On both journeys that station had several open barriers but I made sure to use a close barrier and my card. Is the fact there were open barriers why my card was not logged correctly? I have filled out a refund claims form....
  • t0rt0iset0rt0ise Forumite
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    TfL likes contactless presumably because it's cheaper for them, but Oyster is really better. Contactless cards can be a pain.

    Having the gates open won't have made a difference, you can still use the yellow reader even if the gate is open.
  • MSE_KelvinMSE_Kelvin MSE Staff
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    MSE Staff
    Hello there forumites.

    Just posting in this thread to ensure it stays open, as it had automatically closed and the associated guide is due to feature in this week's Money Tips Email.


    MSE Kelvin
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