African Theme Wedding in Winter?

Hi all,

I really want an African safari themed wedding- bright bold prints etc- as I grew up in SA and I like it- however I also want to get married in Winter (jan/feb 2017) both to save money as out of season but also as it fits in with(soonest we can tie the knot) work and busy lives.

This is the UK winter, wet and cold-am I being silly trying to bring african sunshine to wintery UK? Also- and most importantly, has anyone got married, been to a wedding in a big canvas tent in Winter? Is it cold and damp?

Thanks for any thought, advice, tips.


  • Hey,
    I think an African Wedding would be great! (being African myself).

    I would look at venues that have a builtin marquee (Lakeview Terrace/Addington Palace) as most of them come with heating etc!

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    I've been to a Christmas dinner in a marquee and it was freezing.
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • Thanks for both comments. Having a look at places with built in marque rather than just stand alone now. Mentioned to my dad I want a winter wedding and he was not impressed!! Kind of like a "why would you do that ?" look on his face. and then he suggested a big bowl of chicken a la king for everyone to help themselves, or getting the hungry house app and everyone ordering a different take away - ba hahahaha - I love him but NO!
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    We used to have our works Christmas party in a marquee in the car park, it was fantastic, we never noticed the cold as the tent had heating. I would not, however, like to imagine how much it used to cost! There were probably around 500 of us, so it was very big.
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