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Hi I'm JoJo and I'm debt-free. If it wasn't for the dfw and os boards that wouldn't be the case. I want to continue saving and improving my habits to ensure I remain that way and also to improve my and my two little girls life's. Its funny after hitting my debt very hard for a year its hard to 'treat' yourself and you feel guilty buying non essentials, even though I now have spare cash to do so.

So now I'm debt free the next step is to save for experiences (I like holidays) and to finish off projects in the house etc

Today has been a good day. Some days it just feel like you achieve a lot and feel very satisfied with the days progress.

Firstly its been a nsd due to not really needing anything and keeping myself busy pottering around the house. With having little ones with mucky fingers the walls, skirting etc all on the lower parts and the house is in a general need of a freshening up. Today I've touched up the paint (using paint in cupboard so no cost) in the hallway, toilet, stairs and landing. Also good scrubbing on all the gloss work, using up various cleaning sprays lurking under the sink. No more buying anymore until their all gone :-D Its made a huge impact and put me in the mood to do lots more. Over the next few weeks I'm going to continue freshening up and finishing any DIY products I've got the stuff already in. No buying anything else until I've used it all up.

Tried out a new curry this evening, butter chicken. I normally prefer hotter dishes but not really suitable for the little ones. This was a agreeable alternative and will be going into the meals list. I've got a few items in the cupboard that need using up so ill be meal planning tomorrow night and doing my weekly online shopping. Before bed this evening I'm going to prep a cous cous slow cooker meal ready to turn on before work tomorrow. I never eat cous cous so no idea, why I brought it?? However I'm zero food waste kind of person so need to make a effort and use it up.

Picked some onions, did a little weeding and watered my chilli plant. Really love my vegetable plot in the garden, still learning as its a fairly new adventure. Need to research what can be grown from now onwards.

Re-starting my decluttering mission after having a month off. Its amazing how fast things mount up. I've popped into a bag to take to the charity shop 1 x top a friend re-homed to me, 1 x games of thrones board game which is impossible to play and a old teddy. I've also recycled about 10 other items and sorting some things to pop on a selling page once I get the chance.

In work tomorrow and pretty much set up ready for the days. All clothes ready, packed lunches, items for child-minders, dd2 homework and book read. Getting organised was one of the key parts of becoming debt free has it stopped me wasting money on packed lunches, takeaways etc

I've got £200 saved up towards a deposit for our next holiday, with about another £100 at the end of the week. Also, in a couple of weeks another £125 towards from switching bank accounts. So that's coming along nicely. During this next week I need to sit down and re-do all my budgets and plan in for things like learning to drive, car costs etc Everything different now and I don't want to go off track, so this is a must.

Had a nice little pamper session before, trying to use up some Christmas presents etc. Must remember not to walk into little ones rooms whilst wearing a facemask when their sleeping... It also nice to find time to relax and treat yourself

Going to have a nice cuppa tea and before my feet up now before bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be as productive
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    Horray a new diary to enjoy. Sounds a great day very productive. I know what you mean about finger prints :)
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

    Debt neutral :) 27/03/17 from £40k:eek: in the hole 2012.
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  • Received a promotion at work and have been running a pub since before Christmas. Very challenging and have to put all my time into getting things just right. I'm not at the position I can step back a little bit and try and get the work/life balance again.

    The holiday I was saving jo for is all paid for and me & the girlies fly in little over than 2 weeks. Need to start getting organised and check I have all I need.

    Already dreaming about the next one. Always wanted to visit Italy and see all the sights. So I've started a new pot to make it happen. Using all the skills ive learnt whilst paying of my debt to save up and achieve it.

    So far I have £35.01. We have to start somewhere right? Trying to make/earn/save a extra £5 a day to pay for this. Today I sold a old ring for £15 so that went straight into the pot. Got some dvds selling & cash back coming up soon, all to go into the pot my target is £2000 then I can start planning, price up properly.
    Debt Free Since 05/09/2015
    Breath out the past, breath in the future Big Dreams Start Small
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