Scottish power - 6 weeks and still no joy!

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Moving home? Don't bother taking Scottish power with you! 6+ weeks down the line of trying to get my supply to my new home.

I have been a loyal customer of SP for 5 years now they couldn't care less! I moved home 31st July
Since moving into my new home I have had endless calls countless wrong information and failed engineer visits. The property I moved into had pre-payment meters that were serviced by SSE. My SP Home Move saga started at the beginning of August.

1st Call

I called the home move team who explained that SP could take over my SSE meters which would take 2 weeks and as soon as I had confirmation that SP had taken over I could call up and request my meters to be changed so I could pay by DD like I did in my old property. I was happy with this and then proceeded to wait for the switch.

2nd call

3 weeks later SP took over the meters and I received communication in the post for both accounts (Gas and Electric) so I called SP and asked the CS agent to arrange my meters to change. She advised me that I would have to go through a credit check which I was more than happy to do and said there would be no issues. She then said that she couldn’t do the check in her department and would have to get the other department to call me back. I asked if this would be today and she confirmed yes within 2 hours.

3rd Call

I did not receive a call from the credit check department so I called again the next day. I spoke to a chap that said he was not sure why she was proceeding with the check and promised a call back as it would need to be in 11days because SP needed a time gap between taking over the meters to getting them booked in to change. Obviously I was unhappy with this as my time was wasted and also false information was given.

4th Call

I then called up on the 11th day to get my meters booked in to change over to DD. The girl on the phone when through all the details and this time didn’t ask for a check to be done but proceeded to book in the engineer for the 21st September (3/4weeks) I was a tad unhappy I needed to wait so long but she ensured me this was the earliest apt. As it was a Friday I said I would be at work so what were the time options she told me I could have 5pm-8pm and I agreed I could leave work earlier unpaid to meet the engineer. So this was all booked.

5th Call

This was on the day of the engineer (21st Sept) I came home early and waited until 7pm and I started to worry that no one was coming due to the poor service and miscommunications I had already received. I spoke to a lady who told me that it was 2 engineers not 1 which I was led to believe and one apt when this was booked had an error so was never completed at the time of booking. I was extremely unhappy that one engineer would not be visiting due to a mistake at the booking that was not rectified within the time I waited, not even a call back to rebook! I then asked was the other engineer coming to do the other part and she said they were closed so couldn’t check but ‘should’ be. I then explained that I was very unhappy with the service I had been provided over the last 6 weeks and wanted to speak to a manager she then said that there was no manager and that I could write to complain or speak to a CR advisor. I said yes I wanted to be transferred as I needed my issue resolved.

Transferred call

I was then put through to Customer Relations. I explained my issued and expressed how unhappy I was and he said he would help me. As we were talking through he then said to my surprise that the other engineer wasn’t coming….. I was shocked and asked why. He explained that they couldn’t book the time slot of 5pm-8pm and this had been rejected by your contract engineers over 3 weeks ago. I was dumbfounded that this communication had not come to me and I was sitting at home in the hope they were coming. I then asked why would SP not pick this up and call me to rebook – They had 3 WEEKS to do this!!!! He then explained that your systems are not set up for this and these communications sit in cyber space which no one to action this. No wonder SP are the second worst energy provider for complaints! Again I was dumbfounded at the lack of processes in an established top 6 in the energy market! I need this changed within the next week as I was paying into a meter which is overpriced and I have to make 2/3 trips a week to top up as I didn’t want to get too much on the meter in one go as I was supposedly changing soon. He said we would look into this and would do his very best. He scheduled a call back for me in the morning between 10am and 12pm on the Saturday to come back with the solution (1 hour call).WHAT A SHOCK – NO CALL! I waited all day as I thought he might be busy and I was not calling again only to have to talk through the whole issue again and spend another HOUR on the phone.

6th Call (Attempt)

I tried to then call on Sunday but was told that your offices were shut.

Monday 28th.

So sick of trying to call SP I messaged SP through Facebook to try and find out what the hell was going on. I received a message back to ask for my account number so they could investigate. I gave one of these as I only had one with me but knew they could find the other with this also which I explained. They said they would come back to me soon with an update. Later that day I heard nothing so I messaged for an update….. No response. Then again later that evening and they apologised for the delay and they would be in touch

Tuesday 27th

No response. Messaged again for an update this morning…….. Still no response.

If this is how they treat your loyal customers I’m not surprised that they are losing existing customers to other providers!

I am living in hope that I am every going to get some answers to this appalling service and resolve my issue!

Wish me luck...!!!!!! :mad:


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    Welcome to the forum.

    Your experience with Scottish Power is completely normal I am afraid.

    You haven't mentioned if they will be charging you to change meters?? - they normally do charge.
  • Thanks :)

    Yes I think what I have read you are totally right... Im just disappointed that they haven't bothered to respond still :(

    No they haven't mentioned a charge but the lack of knowledge I have already received who knows!

    Im going to give then another day and then look around... Put I will prob have to wait even longer if I change.... rock and a hard place springs to mind!
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    So you are claiming SP have had 6 weeks to change your PPMs to credit ones, yest you've not even been on supply with SP for 6 weeks at your current address yet? ... Fair enough.

    Anyway, at least they managed to get you on their supply in 3 weeks ... that's actually pretty good :)

    I see you have been with SP for the previous 5 years, so one would expect you to know when their office hours are ... obviously not.

    However having found out when their phone lines are not open, you wait until the following day to call them ... but you don't call them, you message them instead ... on facebook! :eek:, something you could have done any time/ day... fair enough.

    Good luck! :)

    Any energy supplier is permitted up to 8 weeks from time of complaint to resolve such complaint, otherwise you can then seek assistance from the ombudsman ... as described in the supplier's complaint procedure.
  • Yeah my bad on the Sunday. I guess I could have Called them on the Monday rather than Facebook but I didn't want to waste another hour of my life listening to their delightful hold music... Monday's are painful enough without having to endure that.

    Yes I have looked at the ombudsman website... That's the next step.... Still living in hope that they might have it resolved before then...... Mmmmm not hopeful though.

    I have just received an email saying they are looking into it and will come back within 10 days..... Gee thanks.... I think Santa will beat the engineer!

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    The local DNO s would be contacted to actually change the meters.Scottish Power dont have the capability to change them.The local DNO seems to be getting away with it altogether. They will be the ones at fault. I have asked many people about the costs Scot Power levy for prepay to credit meter change and its over £200 for both meters. If that s the case do a switch to someone like BG or Sainsburys Energy or EDF.
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