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    The consent for sharing data part of the new one is pretty poor. I'm not going to give the whole MoneySupermarket group permission to store the data which means that I also can't give just MSE and its direct tools that permission, so it's a case of sticking with the browser form-filling help.

    Local convenience to encourage consumers to accept over-sharing is a commonly used weapon in this particular attack on privacy and I'm sorry to see MSE jumping on this particular bandwagon.

    Is any data currently stored for this purpose and if so, how can I withdraw my permission and get that shared data removed now it will be shared more broadly?

    Where can I find a list of all current and future parts of the MoneySupermarket group that will be able to use this information? Alternatively, where will I be given notice of any new pieces so I can determine each time whether I'm still prepared to grant the permission?

    It's good that there will be a separate opt-in. Thanks for not making it necessary for me to circumvent with tools like different browsers or browser profiles for the sites. though frankly I will probably start to adopt that practice anyway from now on when it comes to MSE tools. Not because I don't trust Martin Lewis but because I don't know that I can trust ten MoneySupermatket CEOs and marketing managers or data mining pros twenty years and five acquisitions of MoneySupermarket group in the future.
  • Happy to see this has an opt in clause. Obviously I would not want to opt in to anything remotely connected with Moneysupermarket else I would be on the moneysupermarket websites.

    Thanks for the openness MSE.
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