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Christmas garden help (not plants)

We've not long moved into a new house and I have a decent sized garden, I'd love to "do" it up for Christmas but on a budget. Can I ask if anyone has any idea what I can do, oh won't be to keen but my many grandbrats would love it. We do have a good sized Wendy house and I don't mind doing something to it as long as I don't have to paint the flaming thing again :rotfl:


  • I think that the only thing that is really going to work in a garden over the Christmas period is going to be lights.

    It will either to too dark or too wet for anything else.

    So perhaps you can put a "wanted" post on your local freecycle asking for donations of any unwanted outdoor Christmas and party lights?
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    Thank you.
    I've got loads of lights out there already but I'll probably get more, new house is to small for my big tree so might just need to put it up outside, that'll put a smile on my oh's face 😂😂😂. I've always wanted to have a Christmassy garden and I'm really hoping that I can do something this year.
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