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Burger King - Tips, Deals, Codes and Vouchers?

Had some great deals from the free Burger King App. Whopper and Fries for £1.99 etc and free fries with any purchase. Well worth downloading.

Heard that WHSmith had some Burger King vouchers (meal for £1.99) with any purchase but told yesterday it no longer active when I popped in for a paper.

Any tips/locations/vouchers available to get some great Burger King deals?


  • jenniewbjenniewb Forumite
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    Being that we aren't allowed to post codes on here and this page tends to be for posting offers and sales..etc, (not so much asking) you could get better results asking on the discounts or shop but don't drop or I wanna boards?
  • It was more really tips on where to get paper vouchers and tips on using codes in the Burger Kings
  • redfoxredfox Forumite
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    we move threads if we think they’ll get more help elsewhere (please read the forum rule) so this post/thread has been moved to another board. If you have any questions about this policy please email [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
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