Christmas presents from charity shops!

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    I picked up a 10p book for my stepdaughter last week as we have run out of bedtime reading books, she was so excited when i gave it to her you'd have thought i'd spent a fortune! Like others have said children especially dont care if it's something they like.
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    We have a long-running 'charity shop bargain' thread here:

    Pop over and see us. :)
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    A few years ago my grandson's favourite Christmas present was a toy lawnmower that cost 50p.

    All the expensive presents were ignored in favour of it.

    He thought it was a vacuum cleaner and for months ran to use it every time the vacuum was brought out.
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    TBagpuss wrote: »
    I wouldn;t have any issue with giving, or being given, a gift from a charity shop, or one which was second hand more generally, provided that it is a suitable gift.

    I think particularly for younger children, where things are often grown out of quite quickly it can be a particularly good option, as you may be able to find things which are still in very good condition.

    It does depend a bit on the recipient, though. I can think of one or two people I know who would be mortally offended and in those cases, if they were people I was giving gifts to, I would be very careful to avoid anything which could be identified as being second hand, or might even chose to give just a card rather than a gift.


    I have no qualms about buying bits and bobs for me but I couldnt buy for others as I know they would be offended. Likewise so would I be if I'm honest, its one thing buyingfor yourself but totally another when buying for others.

    I would also worry that the receipiant would try and take it back to the original shop only to be told they hadnt stocked that item since 1977.
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