CSA take funds from a business bank account

Hi ya.
I'm currently in long standing battle with the CSA/CMO/CMEC or whatever they have re-branded themselves as. I am also a sole director of a failing company, the question ihave is I now that they can take money from a personal and joint bank account if arrears are in place, but can they also take money out of a business bank account which belongs to a limited company.

I want to pay the arrears I have to which I'm not disputing, however, they have changed the arrears 7 times over the past 3 years.


Rafa 2005


  • I very very much doubt it - A limited company is a separate legal entity.
  • MataNui
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    No, They definitely cant take money from a company account, not sure about joint-personal accounts. How did they get the company bank details?

    The company has no liability to the CSA. If they did take money from a company then that would be a criminal matter.
  • Thanks for the replies.

    As stated earlier I want to pay the so called arrears which may or may not have occurred, but they need to stick to a figure, not one plucked out of sky. The child in question is now an adult with her own children and I paid every week via a DEO until she was 19, never missed a payment and had a letter stating that I have fulfilled my parental responsibilities.....case closed, roll on 5 years and I get a letter saying I was paying the wrong amount for 10 years and I have to pay an extra £9k, then 8.5k then £11k then £15k, then 12k then 11.5k and now 9.5k. !!!!!!
  • With a liability order hanging over my head.....and NO LEGAL REDRESS.
  • 786
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    Maybe try NACSA.

    Business bank accounts are safe. Personal accounts - sole or joint - are not.
  • MataNui
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    Is it the CSA because as far as i am aware the new organization (CMS i think) isnt pro-active in assessing/collecting payments? In fact i dont think they actually do assessments at all so they wouldnt have decided you owe back payments from years ago.

    If its CSA then you may not need to worry too much. Enforcement cases where there is no real prospect of getting any money are getting written off. At the moment CSA is still collecting arrears but at some point they will end completely. Cases dont get transferred to CMS with arrears balances. They just get closed and the PWC has to make a new application to CMS.
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