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Should I ditch Santander 123 due to the fee increase?

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    i hear rumours that Natwest is going to start a 3% cashback on household bills in a couple of weeks.
    And only a 3 pound fee pcm..

    Anybody else heard this??
    Will it force santander to drop it 5 increase to 3??


    No, why would it? Santander offers 3% on your balance + x% on various cash back offers
  • I wouldn't recommend Santander :mad: to anyone. :( I opened an account some time ago, put money in and then didn't use it for a while. I was sent a letter saying it would be made dormant if I didn't use it so I did - went online and changed my address and also arranged for a direct debit payment for my new mortgage. I also asked about making this my main current account so they would do the switch for me. I was told the account had been open too long for them to do the switch so I would have to do it all myself which I then did. My account was still made dormant and has caused endless issues with all those who I pay by direct debit and also to receive my income. I have complained but evidently it is entirely my own fault although I can have £80 compensation. In addition I wanted to make it a joint account but they have refused to accept my husband because he isn't currently on the electoral roll - we moved house on 29 July 2015 - even though we can prove we have held other bank accounts for many years and that this is now our address. Absolutely ludicrous so I wouldn't go near it with a barge pole. We are now in the process of shifting everything to the Co-op bank which has a more realistic attitude to those who move house.
  • Not long switched to the Santander site, have just discovered that a "feature" of the account is that you don't get a paying in book!! Means that you have to visit a branch (mine is over 6 miles away) in order to be able to pay in a cheque! - No postal service and more importantly can't pay in at the local post office! Not impressed, be warned this could be a real pain if you get paid by cheque!!
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    foofard wrote: »
    No postal service and more importantly can't pay in at the local post office! Not impressed, be warned this could be a real pain if you get paid by cheque!!

    This is one of the advantages of being a current account tart, if you have 8 current accounts then there is always somewhere near you that you can pay in to. The disadvantage is that nobody makes wallets big enough to carry all the debit cards, credit cards and loyalty cards that you have to lug around these days.
  • I currently earn around £20 a month in interest (average balance of £10,000) and £3.50 a month in cashback from paying bills by direct debit, so paying an extra £2 a month wont affect me very much at all. Still a net increase of £18.50 a month!
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    My power bills are with Sainsbury's Energy, an offshoot of British Gas. That company is not listed on Santander's website but my direct debit states "British Gas Trading" so are they likely to pay cashback on it?
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