MoneySaving Poll: Do you agree with the 5p charge for carrier bags?

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Poll started 15 September 2015

Do you agree with the 5p charge for carrier bags?

From 5 Oct, England joins the rest of the UK in charging 5p for most carrier bags from supermarkets and other large retailers - the money will go to charity. The aim is to reduce the use of bags, which can cause serious environmental problems.

Retailers will be fined if they don’t comply with the rules.

Which option is closest to your view?

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  • curlycat_2
    curlycat_2 Forumite Posts: 37
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    Living in Wales we've had this for years. You do get used to carrying a foldaway bag in your handbag for emergencies. Instead of a cupboard full of degrading plastic bags we have just bags for life and cotton washable ones.
  • suchard007
    suchard007 Forumite Posts: 34 Forumite
    Some countries have been doing this for years.... why's it taken us so long. Personally I don't think 5p is enough - should be 10p and you get a "bag for life". If you're going shopping then it's not difficult to take bags with you - and then have a couple of small lightweight ones at the bottom of a handbag for those occasions when you realise you need some shopping. If you don't carry a handbag, then 10p and you've got a bag for life for next time!
  • tgroom57
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    I'm in Wales. The 5p charge has been counterproductive in our household and dramatically increased the number of non-degradeable plastic bags we throw away.

    Before the charge we would get a 2 or 3 biodegradable plastic bags each week, thin flimsy things which I recycled using for rubbish bags. Critically, they had easy tie handles. I never bought bin liners.

    Since the 5p charge, Tesco have upped their game. My daughter gets the stronger 10p bag-for-life which does not biodegrade, has no-tie handles and are now stacking up in my cupboard & the boot of her car. And I have no good bags for rubbish :( My other daughter is a fashionista who has to have the latest bag every time she sees a new print.

    The environment is not winning this game.
  • mjm3346
    mjm3346 Forumite Posts: 46,415
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    I almost always use my own bags anyway but instead of free bags for rubbish people will buy bags for rubbish so there is not as much of a reduction in bag use that is claimed.
    There are records that have to be kept, local councils are in involved and only what is left of the 5p after deducting the costs of operating the charge have to be passed on.
  • Deedee9
    Deedee9 Forumite Posts: 29
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    I have taken bags for shopping for years - if you are driving to the supermarket just leave a couple of bags inside the car!
    I have also forgotten to take them in - easy solution was to take the trolley to the car and pack it in there - but even so becuase of the trolley transporting the stuff to my car I don't really need a bag - I can then take my time when I am home to unload it all.
    I get annoyed when I see people taking loads of bags and they have a trolley full of them - what do they need so many for?
    If you can remember to take the cash/credit card to buy the stuff - then you can remember it will need a bag.....
  • kathrynha
    kathrynha Forumite Posts: 2,469
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    I always take reusable bags with me. My issue is I sometimes only take a few thinking I only need to buy a few things, then over buy and need carrier bags. Will just have to learn to take more with me.

    Main issue will be training my husband to take a bag with him.
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  • I like the idea behind it but I think it should be 1 or 2 pence per bag. Admittedly, that's because I seem to have plenty of those types of coins left over after a shop (thanks to £9.99 type prices).
  • Serendipitious
    Serendipitious Forumite Posts: 6,446
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    I think the 5p charge will, over time, reduce the numbers of bags being issued at the tills. But I think certain foods like fresh meat, chicken and fish should be bagged automatically (and for free) by till staff in case of leakage/contamination on the journey home. I certainly wouldn't carry chicken products home in a cloth bag, nor re-use any plastic bag they'd been in.

    The best way to stop usage of these carrier bags is simply to stop or limit their production at source. Then we'd all just have to get on with managing without them, like we used to do in times gone by. Maybe the supermarkets should make cardboard boxes more easily available, like they used to do. Currently they seem to get flattened and removed as soon as they are unpacked. Boxes are no good for public transport, but ideal for car users. And the items stay in place on the journey.
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  • oaprut
    oaprut Forumite Posts: 63 Forumite
    I use my own bags most of the time but any plastic carriers I get are re-used for rubbish. I will have to buy bags for that purpose now so cant see that the environment has gained anything from me.
  • reallynicegal
    reallynicegal Forumite Posts: 34 Forumite
    We've had this in in for few years, I still occasionally forget to bring a bag.But my main complaint since it was introduced is the sales assistant no longer automatically puts your purchases into the bag if you bring one with you!
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