Trees - half/corner pre-lit or not?

I know it's early but I am organised ;)

As I have my own flat and works need doing, I am looking forward to christmas as this is the first one in my own place and by then hopefully all the works will be complete.

It's a small flat so I'm looking for a space saving tree, preferably a half or a corner one. I have decided on fake so that it can get re-used each year (being MSE and all that).

Question is pre lit or not?

I think a pre lit is easier but is it a hassle when the bulbs go out?


  • Some prelits are good - others ot. I got a large one that was very straggly and not very bright and lights did not last long - got a small one and its lovely.
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  • I prefer not prelit. Putting lights on it is not that much of a hassle, and as long as you put them away neatly they will last for years.

    Also allows for more variation. Sometimes I like my multi-coloured ones on the tree and twinkly white ones else where, and sometimes the other way round, and last year I had both sets on the tree :)
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    We bought one of these last Christmas it happened to be half price but we were really pleased with it. It actually looks much nicer than the picture shows. The whole thing drops down into a box for storing and comes fully decorated and lit. I did add a few of my own precious ornaments and all the family said what a fab idea for a small space... it comes in black, green, white and gold .
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  • I had a pop up from Lakeland to look at yrs ago but it was awful - personally would rather a £6 one form the supermarket - but they do vary a lot.
    Probably cheaper to get your own lights though.
    QVC do gorgeous ones and you get a chance to view them - but quite pricy.
    Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. -- Sally Koch
  • My parents have a small house, and we used to have a big xmas tree in the hall blocking our front door. Now all children have left home, they changed it to a half tree to put on the wall and decorate. Its fantastic.
    Its not something I would get, but that's because I have space for a proper tree, so would look weird. BUT, it my parents room it looks brilliant. Its not pre-lit or anything but they put lights on afterwards.
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