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Shopping Secrets guide discussion

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  • gravatttgravattt Forumite
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    Following your weekly newsletter, I bought a £50 Starbucks 'e-gift card' from Zeek, which cost me £35. It worked really well thanks, such a good saving
  • 611611 Forumite
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    I've used Zeek 3 times now, once to buy a gift card and twice to sell. Buying was not a problem. Both times I tried to sell I got a response a day later saying they could not accept the gift card. One was for Amazon and it was rejected because I was not a 'verified seller' - "we are unable to verify the balance of an Amazon voucher and we cannot guarantee that it will not be used." The other was Homebase and was rejected because "the balance on this gift can only be verified in store." They could have told me this when I selected the retailers during the upload process, instead of letting me disclose all the card details for no reason and then keep me waiting. Just a word of warning to others that you may be wasting your time when trying to sell gift cards to Zeek.
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    biscuit333biscuit333 Forumite
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    Hi All,

    I signed up for a Zeek account to take advantage of the £11 discount off a second purchase which was listed on the Shopping Secrets article.

    I used the link on the article, purchased a gift card and received an email saying that my cashback would arrive in 24 hours. However, 2 days after my purchase, I cannot see anywhere on the site where it would show that I was in credit. When I put a gift card in my basket then it doesn't show any discount is being applied.

    I was just wondering if I was missing anything?

    Update: I contacted support and they confirmed that I had been credited. When I went to purchase a card and added my card details the discount was visible (but wasn't visible until the card was entered). Was a nice little saving! :)
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Forumite
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    Trying to click the link for the £11 zeek offer I am repeatedly getting a 'This site can't be reached' message.
    Any ideas?
  • Half completed a order with plusnet for a friend, they rang her the next day offering her 50% off for 12 months.
  • The John Lewis price guarantee is on a like for like basis. If Lewis sells a computer and extended guarantee for £600, but Curry's sell a computer only for £550 then it's not like for like.
  • nakednaked Forumite
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    I was looking at electronic components on a manufacturer's website and a feedback survey popped up so I filled it in.

    Shipping from the USA is £6 (which is reasonable), but unless I'm buying £40+ of stuff it's cheaper to buy from a UK distributor so I put this in the feedback.

    A couple of days later, they sent me a free shipping code :D
  • Used the online chat trick and was offered 10% off. Very helpful!
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