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What sample has been used in this song ??

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What sample has been used in this song ??

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edited 9 September 2015 at 10:32PM in Music MoneySaving
What sample has been used in this song?

(by which sample, I only mean the start violin - piano riff looped sample)

which is right at the Start of the song, and throughout the song.

Also, listen at 3.50+ it is more clear there.

Where is that sample taken from?

-I don't mean the vocal, I don't mean the drum beat, but the sample of the piano and violin (which is right at the start (and at 3.50+ samples)

Do you know where the violin/piano is taken from ??


  • Hi Gemma,

    check this discussion out:

    "Sunny MahoyWord is born, Excellent Album. just had a question about a sample, -

    What hip hop sample was used in the track on word is born-

    "Thokha"by Laub Janjua (Track 08 on the album)...
    what is the sample of the strings in the background? (not the beat, but the background strings) ?? It is sampled so nicely, but just wanted to know where the original was from. Your other albums were wicked too!

    Tru SkoolTru Skool Sunny Mahoy: Hello, it would be good if you could leave your real name rather than creating a fake one.
    As far as your question goes...................
    Specialist CREATED that string section-it most certainly is not a sample. You can come to our studio and see for yourself if you like. But I must say that I am very insulted by the fact ... you have asumed it is a sample without even knowing that far a fact-you could have asked rather than stating that it is a sample. Specialist had put alot of time in creating that piece for the for you to STATE that it is a sample without knowing that for a fact is very hurtfull,patronising,degrading and discouraging. Please be more carefull what you say in future,there is no harm in asking a question but making false and inaccurate statements is very ignorant and arrogant.
    Ask next time.
    You can come and visit our studios for proof if you like."

    Come on sucker lick my battery
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