MGSV - The Phantom Pain

This was reviewed in my local paper this week - figured some of the gamers might actually enjoy reading their "review", they scored the game 2/5.....

"A game that should need no introduction, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the final piece in Hideo Kojima's decidedly complex narrative puzzle. Starring stealth icon Big Boss, the latest tactical espionage endeavour from Konami takes the series to an all-new open world setting, where black box mission design adopts an entire new meaning. Sneak, shoot and improvise through a slew of immaculately designed missions in what is likely to be the last instalment helmed by the series' aforementioned auteur. Metal Gear Solid V was released on Tuesday, September 1st"
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    Well Hideo said it woud be hes last game of MGS but someone said that Konami owns the franchise so it may carry on , and 2/5 review from the newspaper well thats to low because metacritic has it at 95/100 anyway Ive played mgs3 and mgs4 and they were good but the cutscenes were very long but I think you can skip them and dont know about mgs5 because I havent played it yet but I got it free with ps4 yesterday in the special offer which is £289 at Tesco or £299 at Argos
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  • This is centred less around cut scenes so far, I'm only about 5% complete after maybe 10-15 hours and the majority of the cut scenes so far involve travelling into the drop zone. It's not as "seamless" as previous MGS games, you pick & chose which missions to do at any given time, but it's one that you can kinda drop in & out of.

    So far to me it's kinda like Batman in so much as you decide what you want to do, go there & do it unlike previous ones which have all played like movies. I'd expect more cut scenes when I get deeper into the game but I'll find that out probably 2-3 weeks from now when I get there.

    As for the review, it was scandalously low, I can only surmise that it's someone who played the prologue - which I'll admit I found slow & tedious. I'm already mid to high 90's with what I've encountered so far, the attention to detail even on last gen is outstanding.
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    I cant afford it until my next payday but everyone i know who has it says it is great! I cant wait until i get it and rekindle those memories of hiding in a box from a guard :rotfl:
  • my biggest issue with MGS : TPP is the lack of cut scenes. there is hardly any and the story is mainly delivered over the radio by the guy back at your base talking to you about it.

    Apart from that the game is unbelievably fun to play and unlike what someone said above about it not being seamless, it is completely seamless. you do not need to get extracted after every mission to get dropped into another you get get a vehicle or ride your horse to the next place, pick even requesting air support pick ups for extraction doesn't take you out of the action or break the illusion as you need to do that to get back to your mother base. so it feels more like its part of the game rather than a mission select fast travel scheme.
  • I often elect to go back to base between missions as it's convenient for me (if not I'd spend obscene amounts of time playing without a break!) - I kinda like the fact you don't feel compelled to stay in the game. The cut scene thing is a drastic change from the norm, I have had maybe half a dozen so far but none of them anywhere near the same level or style as previously.

    What I am loving is the fact you have more options than ever to do exactly what you feel is necessary - often limited only by your own endeavours. You actually feel like what you're doing serves a purpose for you, so going out on missions & extracting people leads to better gear which leads to better ways of doing missions. I get the feeling this could be one of those 2-3 play through games to get everything out of it for me - which says a hell of a lot.
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  • I thought the game was great - but a tad short. When it finished i was gasping for more.
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    sarahdon09 wrote: »
    I thought the game was great - but a tad short. When it finished i was gasping for more.

    Really? My game time is over 24 hours and I am only 8% complete!
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