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How do I hold a joint birthday party?

So I think it's going to be far easier to have a joint 1st and 4th birthday party for my two children. The one year old doesn't really have any friends and so it will mainly be family and family friends, who would also go to my 4 year olds. As there is less than a week between them I thought a joint party would be lots less stress (for me mainly 😀).

So what is the best way of doing this? I do like a theme for decorations, cakes entertainment (bit ocd on this front) but have a girl and a boy. I'm going to hire a room so will have a baby area for the babies just to play and then entertainment of some sort for older children.

Any suggestions would be greatly received.


  • both pinterest and google have some great ideas on how to share birthdays between siblings of opposite sexes. Perhaps pick a theme which doesn't stereotype between boys and girls, such as animals, or a TV show?
  • My brother and I (female) always had a joint birthday party (August Birthdays). These ranged from a ball pool, punch and judy show, traditional party games, a disco etc

    If you wish to have a theme then how about something neutral eg circus, space, farm yards, zoos etc or for this year pick a theme the four year old will enjoy?
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