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  • Hi everyone... I'm back! Did you miss me?

    Florida was awesome but I am absolutely cream-crackered! I walked more than I have for a very long time... and the bounts app worked so I earnt about 100 points! - we'll skim over the fact you need 2700 for a reward.

    I'm in this month but fairly low amount, as I'd rather reach it and succeed than miss it by miles and I'm seriously out of the zone and I'm away for a fair chunk of the month (in mini-chunks) too.

    £50 (ever hopeful) and $40.

    Hope everyone has a good month! :)

    You were missed!
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    Morning to you all.
    Can I go in for £5 a day please
    Nov 0/£100

    £10 a day:-
    Oct 15 £97.82/£30 Sept 15 £174/£150

    Car overpayment so far £244.00
  • There_Is_a_LightThere_Is_a_Light Forumite
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    £5 reward from [email protected] current account this morning. Got thrown out of a £6 mobile game survey last night though Booo Survey sites are very quiet at the moment. Listed another 2 items on £bay and aiming to list some more this evening.

    "These things take time but I know that I'm the most inept that ever stepped"
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  • 498louise498louise Forumite
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    That's me started - I claimed a £10 voucher from Pinecone Research.
    NSD Dec: 0/15
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    Credit Card1: £0.00
    Credit Card2:
    Bank Loan: £0
  • Grabs39Grabs39 Forumite
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    10 1/4 hours overtime so far, minus tax, NI and pension rounded down slightly to £60 :)

    Also listed a couple of little bits and bobs on eBay and registered for some of the survey sites - wish me luck!

    £60/£225 - not a bad start :j
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    Grabs39 wrote: »
    £60/£225 - not a bad start :j

    That's a brilliant start, Grabs, especially as we're only on the second day of the month:T

    Claimed various survey payouts but am not counting them until the money arrives. The rate at which some of these people pay up it might even be October before I get my hands on the money:(.
  • esbmesbm Forumite
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    By Heck, esbm, it's still only day one and you've already made nearly £60:eek:. Brilliant:beer:
    Ha yes thanks- had a few things nicely coincide with payments :j
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  • RosieRosie Forumite
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    A great start for me with £3 p*necone today and redeemed £50 from you gov also had an email from populus to say they will be sending me a £50 cheque within 2 weeks. The you gov payment may not arrive in time but if not will be a good boost for october.
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  • You were missed!

    Aww thanks. I have to say you were certainly on my mind while i was away - just because you have access to lovely flavours of m&m's all the time! Hope everything is good with you!

    I'm off the mark... with $20 from Clixsense hopefully later today and £1 from Swags.. ( i caved in a claimed a £1 to get my swagup!)

    Today has been mostly about decluttering the room at mum's...I found the carpet and so far £4.68 (which I am not counting in the monthly total in the hope it might go up!)
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    (2019,£481.69) (2018, no idea!) ( 2017 £673.20) (2016 £800.97) (2015 £791.42/$312)

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  • Iwanttobefree1Iwanttobefree1 Forumite
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    On my walk today with the dogs I found 3 nice shiny pound coins which have been potted. I've also got a few things finishing on £bay in the next hour so fingers crossed.
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