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As a massive sports fan I have been in recent times trying to continue to watch the sport I can but saving as much cash as possible. I enjoy most sports but the ones below are the ones i've tried to make as much saving as possible in:

Football - I have always watched my local team who play in the middle levels of non-league football, although it costs money its a lot cheaper than the Football League and i can help at the club when needed which gives an extra connect

Cricket - I used to watch Hampshire a lot, which is both expensive to buy tickets and to travel to. Luckily my daughter took up cricket and now that she is 18 she plays ladies cricket, which is good fun to watch. I have also started to watch Berkshire which is free and of a pretty good standard.

Basketball - I watch and help with my colleges team, which means I get to see about 6-10 games a season of a good standard with areal interest in the result

Athletics - I took up running three years ago and try and park run as much as possible, also having joined a club I run for free whenever I can.

My wife is overjoyed that I cancelled the Sky Sports subscription a couple of months a go and if I can change the Virgin TV from an XL to an L package then BT Sports will be gone as well....I do enjoy my sports but can't bear the over-powering all importance of the stuff on Sky and I am sure i'll get by with Eurosport and whatever is on BBC/ITV.

I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but just thought I would share....


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    Cycling is covered on eurosport and often ITV4. Pro cycling is really exciting. And if a race is near you, free to go and watch too. We combined a camping holiday in Yorkshire with watching 2 stages of the TdF last year and it was great.
  • I went up to Canary Wharf for one of the Pearl Izumi Tour Series races, so apart from the train cost it was all free and a great evening's entertainment. My daughter is already bored of watching cycling on

    I think these things just highlight what good sport you can watch without having to pay the earth...
  • I refuse to subscribe to Sky but when the Ashes came around I decided I couldn't face trying to persuade my local pub to switch over to it for me for FIVE whole 5 day games - plus the T20 & ODIs. Sadly the one hour Channel 5 highlights don't fill the bill for a die-hard fan...
    Solution - as we have a good cheap unlimited broadband I 'treated' myself to a NOW TV box (& bought *that* with a rewards points deal - but that's a different money saving deal :) )
    Using a carefully timed selection of monthly and weekly NOW TV passes we've seen the lot for less than a single day at the Oval! (though we did actually go for one 'Live' day) And now I won't buy any more until the nest Test series.
    Just have to hope there's a similar way to access Aussie cricket in the future now BT Sport has grabbed some coverage from Sky!
    Once it's gone, it's gone - so remember...
    Pay for the things you need before you dream about the stuff you want :think:
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    Many gyms offer TVs to watch and will have the sports channels to watch, It's not my bag so I've no indepth knowledge on this but I do regularly see groups of should-be-exercising-but... gym goers who group together to watch the football/tennis/rugby (delete as applicable). Maybe not the full crowd feel you'd get if you went to the game/race itself but if you were after free tele with a small crowd and already have a membership it could save a few ££'s here and there.
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