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MoneySaving Poll: Where should restaurant tips go?

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MoneySaving Poll: Where should restaurant tips go?

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Poll started 25 August 2015

Where should restaurant tips go?

With controversy this week over how tips are split after restaurant chain Côte was accused of pocketing the cash (something it denies), we want to know where you think tips for good service should go.

Where do you think restaurant tips should go?

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

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  • I worked in several places over a number of years that used several methods for distributing tips (from the waiting staff keeping every penny to it being evenly distributed to all members of staff). I found splitting tips evenly at the end of every shift the best policy. Working 'back of house' we welcomed a share of the tips, from the head chef to the KP getting the same. It seemed the fairest option to us - everyone is equally helping to get that plate of food to table. From the KP handing us a sparkling plate, to the chef cooking up a storm... it always seemed unfair that the person handing a plate to the customer walks away with all the tips.
  • I would like to see tipping disappear altogether and staff paid a decent reliable wage. I confess I do tip but I really don't see why for instance care workers do not get tipped but hairdressers do.
  • joedenisejoedenise Forumite
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    I voted for everything to go to my waiter/waitress, however I would have liked to see an option for "only tipping when the service has been good" as that is what I do. If service is poor I just don't leave a tip.
  • soleserenitysoleserenity Forumite
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    I voted for it to be split between all staff, chefs work a lot harder than a waiter/waitress to get that food on the table and believe me they are not always paid a high rate of wages - the waiting staff can end up taking home a higher wage than the back of house staff once tips are taken into account.
  • I've always felt tips should be shared equally between all staff front and back of house. I know there's the argument that says the Waiter is the one who gives the face to face interaction so no tip if they're not good at their job. But theres the flip side that if the food is terrible the customer is unlikely to tip either!

    Interesting to see the variance across age groups here (at time of posting). Would the younger groups be more likely to be currently Waiting part time etc and so their view is skewed?
  • HappyMJHappyMJ Forumite
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    Just pay a living wage to all and there'd be no need to tip.

    I virtually never tip but in a proper restaurant with full table service I do tend to round the bill up to the next pound and add maybe £5. I rarely dine in that type of restaurant.
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