Am I entitled to anything?

Hello, I have phoned citizens advice but the person I spoke to wasn't helpful and I wonder if someone can help or point me in the right direction.
I am currently on maternity leave but due to go back to work in January, when my half pay finishes and smp starts, and I want to explore my options re going back part time and any benefits I may be entitled to.
My husband earns 29000 and my salary currently is 24000 and we have a mortgage
Ideally I would like to not have to return to work so soon, if at all but would also like to investigate working part time. I have tried various calculators but don't really understand all the various benefits and ended up more confused.
If anyone can help, it would be very much appreciated.


  • HappyMJ
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    Child benefit?
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    Do you just have the one child?
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    Laura1980 wrote: »
    I have phoned citizens advice but the person I spoke to wasn't helpful

    Did they not tell you what you wanted to hear?
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    You company are not obliged to employ you on a different contract to the one that you had when you went onto maternity leave. So don't bank your hopes on going back part time.

    Apart from child benefit I cant see you being entitled to any benefits with your oh earning so much added to the child benefit.
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    ohreally wrote: »
    Did they not tell you what you wanted to hear?

    Some CA people are very knowledgable, other less so (being kind).
  • giddypenguin
    Discuss with your company now whether they would be open to the idea of you going back part-time and what hours would fit in with their business plan. If it's a non-starter it's best you know soon so you can plan accordingly.

    If you have childcare costs you may be entitled to tax credits - but the only way to figure it out is to plug a load of different numbers into and see how that effects the outcome. Look into average nursery/childminder fees for your area to get a better idea.

    I cannot see you being entitled to anything if you don't work/have childcare costs due to your husband's income.
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    I don't think you will qualify for anything other then child benefit as your situation financially sounds very similar to my daughters and they will get nothing. Basically she has worked out that she will be £40 a month better off by working part time than by staying at home but it is more about keeping her career hopes afloat than anything at this stage. Things will improve slightly when their daughter is 3 as currently there is help for childcare then but that could all change of course.
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