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Sims 4 looks blurry

My nephew has brought his Sims 4 to run on my PC. It's an old pc but it coped with a win 7 upgrade. I've installed Sims but it reminds me of what the screen looks like when you run your PC in safe mode. I went into the settings and for some reason the resolution was something like 1084 x 724. My screen is 1920 x 1080. I've changed the resolution and it looks sharper but the writing it quite small. Is it ok to change the resolution? I don't play games so I have no idea about what things should be running at or if it will be detrimental to my PC if it's running at the wrong settings? Thanks


  • You should run games in its native resolution depending on your monitor so it its 1920x1080 you should run it at that. It may run slow if its an old pc you could always lower the detail on the game in settings
  • CycrowCycrow Forumite
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    You can run it at a lower resolution if you prefer, it wont cause any problems with the pc. And the game will run faster at lower resolutions, as the gpu has less to do.

    however, if you dont run it at native, then it may not look as good
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