Stocking fillers for baby...

Hello chaps,

Would like some thoughts on this one please...
I confess we didn't really bother with much Xmas stuff for the baby last year- he was only a week old, hadn't a clue what was going on and we obviously had pretty much everything we needed for him before he was born.

This year he'll be one and, whilst he still maybe won't have much of a clue what's going on, I'm so looking forward to sharing Christmas with him properly.

I'm suddenly very enthusiastic about making a stocking for him, which led me to thinking...what am I actually going to put in it...? Lots of toys for young 'uns are pretty big so... :rotfl:

Any suggestions appreciated :)
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    Bath toys? One of those books that clips to a pushchair?
  • mandcomandco Forumite
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    there doesn't need to be much in it its more about creating a tradition and memories
    bath toys
    mini ball
    bubble bath
    plastic spoons
    mini board books
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    xmas baby grow for bed, or pj`s, xmas hat, babys 1st xmas bib, or a bauble for xmas tree, socks, choc buttons (got to have some sweets in :)
    rattle, teddy elf, snowman or santa, hth x
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