Hitched.co.uk Reviews - don't trust them

A heads up to those of you who are wedding planning using Hitched.co.uk - don't trust the reviews! We recently left a 3 star (out of 5) review for a venue that we were broadly very happy with - the day was lovely and the location beautiful - but frankly where the customer service was repeatedly poor (double charging, items ordered but not provided, understaffed, other errors).

We were surprised when it didn't appear on the website and we have just received a reply from Hitched which contains the following:
At hitched.co.uk all reviews come to us first before being approved/rejected.

Unfortunately if a review is negative, we don’t publish it to our venues listings – which is probably why you’re not seeing yours appear on the website!

I know all people will visit the locations first, but it's things like customer service that you can't really judge. I'd suggest that you can't trust Hitched to give you useful reviews on venues!


  • fairy_lightsfairy_lights Forumite
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    That's ridiculous, if they won't print any negative reviews then having reviews at all is pretty pointless as people reading them won't get a balanced view.
  • cashewnutcashewnut Forumite
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    WOW. Maybe watchdog or some regulatory body would be interested in this?!

    You should put your review on Tripadvisor perhaps - I had a look there before we booked our reception venue (hotel).
  • It's probably because you have to pay to be listed on Hitched and any bad reviews would mean people would leave and stop paying. Very misleading, why bother having reviews at all if they aren't a true reflection.

    I vaguely remember seeing something similar about a check a tradesman website on Watchdog.
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    Yeah - we'll go to Tripadvisor with our review. We'll give Hitched a bit more of a chance to reply to us first but my cousin works for Which? so I'm pretty sure that might be our next stop!
  • RobShawRobShaw Forumite
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    A bit of an update - I've just had a phone call from someone at Hitched. I'm told that the company has just been bought out, with new management coming in, and that they had identified their review practices as an issue.

    They've told us that they will now be changing this within the next few weeks and they've promised to post our review when they do so.

    So - if they see through on their promises, then fair play to them. Will update if/when they do so!
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